First of all, chronic stress is messing with your brains. You might think it’s better to work under pressure, but actually chronic stress affects how much you concentrate on something and your awareness levels and also you vulnerability of accidents increases.

It also has horrible effects on your memory and you learning capability. The UMMC did a study and reported that the people with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) experienced 8% of their hippocampus shrink. Which effects a child’s ability to learn.

All Learning goes back to the memories, cause stress affects your ability to remember something, it also pulls you back from making new memories.


Second of all, chronic stress increases the chance of you ever having a heart attack, heart disease or a stroke. Chronic stress does not effect the chances of you ever having the 3 problems, but it does worsen the risk factors for the 3 problems.

And also stress increases your heart rate, constricts your arteries and affects heart rhythms. “It thickens your blood which might protect blood lose in any case of injury.” says UMMC. Stress increases blood pressure while Chronic stress damages blood vessel linings, cause it ends with inflammation.

Increased blood pressure is a risk factor for a stroke. And high stress levels can also lead to atherosclerosis, which is another risk for having a stroke.


Third of all, stress leads to weight gain and digestive disorders.

Chronic stress can lead to all types of digestive disorders such as; Bloating, Cramping, Constipation and Diarrhea. Stress can also damage ulcers and inflammatory bowel disease.
Cortisol increases the growth of dangerous belly fat and increases cravings for fat, salt and sugar. This behaviour can become a everyday routine, which can eventually lead to health problems like diabetes and heart problems/diseases.spotting-the-symptoms-of-digestive-problems

The fourth reason is, Chronic stress affects your mood and relationship.

If you stress to much then, your sleeping patterns might be affected, which might make you grouchy and fatigued and irritable, and unable to concentrate, or be reactive. For example depression, is a common effect of chronic stress.

Chronic stress has to do with feelings of helplessness and lack of control. For example, a perfectionist (like me, Puneet) is more likely to suffer from changed or effected serotonin levels, cause of stress.


The final reason why stress (chronic) effects quality of life is, it effects your skin, teeth and hair.

Hormonal imbalances cause of stress, and cause of stress the blood flow to the skin is reduced.

A stress response, can be really negative towards your skin, hair, and teeth. Ecxema is a common result of stress.

Acne hives, psoriasis and rosacea are also some effects of stress. Including hair loss and gum diseases.